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The Comprehensive Medical Nutritional Approach *

The Comprehensive Medical Nutritional Approach.

The comprehensive medical nutritional approach was created to be able to evaluate all underlying causes of medical problems that patients present with. This is very different from the traditional medical symptom oriented approach. This is a mechanism that allows patients to fully understand their bodies and the options that they have to be able to become far more healthy. In many cases, as a result of this work up, patients can dramatically change their health and the progression of illness. Many patients can lose weight and reverse disease, and get off of unnecessary medications.
The approach includes a detailed history, physical exam and a series of tests look at a wide range of concerns.
The blood testing, typically done on the same day as the exam includes:

Vitamin and Mineral Levels.
Complete blood count.
Comprehensive Chemistry or Metabolic Profile.
Liver panel.
Complete thyroid panel, including thyroid antibodies.
Complete lipid and cholesterol profile.
Hemoglobin A1 C
Celiac Panel.
Adrenal Hormones including DHEA And Cortisol.
Amylase and lipase.
Growth hormone.
Testosterone for men and women.
Complete female hormone panel.
Infectious disease testing, including Epstein-Barr virus, CMV.
PSA and free percent PSA for men.
Cardiovascular analysis, including homocysteine, fibrinogen, CRP.
Blood testing for heavy metals.
Urine testing for heavy metals.
MTHFR – genetic testing for B12 conversion.
Iron profile.
Other specific testing may be added depending upon the patient’s history and physical exam.

Cardiovascular evaluation – including carotid sonogram, echocardiogram, transcranial Doppler, abdominal vessel, lower extremity arterial and vein studies.
Cardiovascular monitoring with take-home telemetry unit.

Heidelberg gastric digestive analysis – determines ability to break down, digest and absorb
Neurologic testing – nerve conduction velocity.

Autonomic and Sympathetic Testing.

Allergy testing – intradermal skin testing for foods or inhalants/environmental.

Once this information is gathered, a complete review of all testing is done and a variety of protocols can begin.
For example, those who have low levels of vitamins and minerals, will be instructed as to what foods and vitamin supplements to take to correct their deficiency. Within one month, parts of the initial testing will be repeated to ensure benefit and results.
Patients are required at initial visit to fill out a list of all of their symptoms and complaints and continue to document improvements throughout the course of therapy. This documentation will be reviewed with Dr. Calapai at each office visit.

Please feel free to call the office for any information or questions. 516-794-0404.

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